Start of School Year Mass Celebration.

Posted on: September 22nd, 2016 by Mr J White in Information for Parents

On Wednesday 21st September St Michael’s PS celebrated mass with Fr Carville, family and the community of Clady. It was a beautiful ceremony, especially as the new P1s & their family were welcomed to into our school. The communion reflection sums up the theme of the mass.


What will this year bring?
We do not know;
It will bring its usual times of work and play,
Experiences of success and failure,
All the things that are part of school life.
It is a new beginning;
The planting of a seed that will grow for a year,
The seed of fruit that will blossom in times to come.
It is new hope;
Hope for good work, for successful results,
For friendships, for fun, for learning.
In this coming year, may there be learning, prayer and fun.
May there be hard work, faith and friendship.
May no one in this school be lonely;
May no one be left out in class;
May no one suffer through the others here.
As we begin this year in hope, in prayer and in friendship,
May the Lord begin it with us, be with us during it,
And successfully bring it to its conclusion.


During mass our new Primary 1 pupils presented a family member with a yellow rose which symbolised Joy, Gladness, Friendship and Promise of a New Beginning.

Our new P1 pupils present family members with a yellow rose

Our new P1 pupils presenting family members with a yellow rose at mass.


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