The Friends of St Michael’s PS – 2016/17 Agenda

Posted on: October 19th, 2016 by Mr J White in Friends of St Michael's

The Friends of St Michael’s PS would like to thank all parents who have completed and returned their signed 2016/17 Agenda and for indicating which areas they are happy to offer their help.

We would ask all parents to complete the form & return it to the school by this Friday 21st October as we need to compile a list delegating tasks in accordance with the preferences indicated.

We have attached a copy of the letter & Agenda that was distributed to all parents on Monday past.  Thank you once again for your time & support!


15th October 2016
Dear Parents,

The Friends of St Michael’s PS held its first meeting of the 2016/17 school year. We were delighted to welcome some new parents to the group. At the meeting, an agenda for the things The Friends of St Michael’s hopes to achieve this year was drawn up & agreed by parents and Mr White. We sincerely hope that all parents will help out in some way whether it be fundraising, maintenance work, gardening, helping out at discos / movie night, or reception mornings.

The Friends of St Michael’s PS support the school & staff by helping them with the following types of tasks:-

Painting eg Railings, woodwork
Maintaining fences eg joinery, painting
Minor joinery work eg fixing gate, hanging coat hooks etc
Minor Gardening work eg Weeding & planting out Flower beds
General outdoor maintenance eg Brushing up, General DIY, Weeding, strimming & hedge cutting

We also organise fundraising events to help subsidise the costs of school outings & trips, buy educational materials not currently being funded, as well as other items deemed necessary by Mr White & his staff.

The Friends Group also assist Mr White with the school website and with hosting reception mornings for Grandparents Day, Open Day, First Communion Reception etc.

As a small school, St Michael’s depends on the support of parents and because there are less than 30 families in our school community it takes all hands on deck to get the jobs done. Mr White & the staff of St Michael’s are very grateful for the support they receive and for the fundraising done each year by The Friends of St Michael’s. It adds to our children’s learning experiences by funding items for extra curricular activities, subsidising trips etc. Your help is vitally important to the continuance of this support to our school.

We are providing all parents with 2 copies of the 2016/17 Agenda and respectfully ask that you tick the items you can help out with! Keep one copy and return the other copy to the school c/o Mr White by Friday 21st October. Whilst we understand that everybody has busy lives and may work or are unavailable particular times of the day etc, we believe that the agenda is varied enough to enable all parents to participate in some way. We encourage fathers as well as mothers to offer their support because sometimes there are jobs like strimming, hedge cutting, powerhosing etc that need tending to.

Some parents were unable to attend our first meeting for varied reasons, but we hope you will be able to attend some of the future meetings and be able to help out at events etc whenever possible. Your help and suggestions are truly valuable to the school, staff & children. Dates & times for Meetings will be posted by The Friends of St Michael’s on EVERYONE is welcome!

The Friends of St Michael’s PS
Enc. Annual Agenda x 2 copies



2016/17 AGENDA

Please tick the items you are able to help with. All help, however little, is very much appreciated!

1st TERM
Sept – Back to school Mass & tea – 21st September (Completed)
Oct – Grandparents Day – 3 October 1.15pm (Completed)
Halloween Disco – 28 October 7-8.30pm ◻️
Nov – Fundraiser for nominated charity NSPCC – movie night Fri 18th November 7-9pm ◻️
Dec – OPEN DAY – Tea / Coffee Reception for visiting parents. ◻️
Christmas Disco – 16th Dec 7-8.30pm ◻️
Prayer Friend & 1st Friday Mass on 2nd Dec ◻️
Christmas raffle / hampers / hamper for St Vincent de Paul ◻️
Nativity play / Carol Service / Christmas Reflection ◻️

2nd TERM
Jan – Panto on Fri 9th Jan (trip subsidised by Friends of St Michael’s Fundraising)
Feb – Smarties box fundraiser 1st Feb – 1st Mar ◻️
Mar – St Patrick’s Day raffle at Clady Hall ◻️
April – Easter Raffle ◻️

3rd TERM
May – First Communion reception at hall (The parents of P3 & P5 pupils usually organise this) ◻️
June -Cake Sale to coincide with Blessing of the graves at end of June ◻️
Sports Day – parents to help out. ◻️

Painting eg Railings, woodwork ◻️
Maintaining fences eg joinery, painting ◻️
Minor joinery work eg fixing gate, hanging coat hooks etc ◻️
Minor Gardening work eg Weeding & planting out Flower beds ◻️
General outdoor maintenance eg Brushing up, DIY, Weeding, strimming & hedge cutting, powerhosing etc ◻️

We also hope to undertake an Eco-friendly project this year – parents’ suggestions & input are very welcome. ◻️

▪️I am willing / not willing to help.

Name(s) ____________________

Signed: _________________ Mobile no ________________

▪️I agree to be included in the Friends of St Michael’s WhatsApp chat group.

Name(s): ____________________

Signed: _________________ Mobile no _______________

Please return 1 copy to the school c/o Mr White, and retain one copy for your reference. Thank you.



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