? Easter Raffle Winners.

Posted on: April 8th, 2018 by Mr J White in Friends of St Michael's, Information for Parents

Yet again the Friends of St Michael’s and Staff at St Michael’s are delighted with the overwhelming support for our Easter Raffle. Thank you to everyone who donated prizes & bought tickets. Thank you also to those who helped make up the wonderful Hampers. There were almost 40 prizes and over £600 was raised for the school.  Well done everybody.

The winners are as follows:-

1st Joe Crozier
2nd Oisin McCooey
3rd Maria Toner
4th Darren McArdle
5th Marie Rooney
6th Marie McMahon
7th Charlie McCann
8th Hugh McArdle
9th Mallaidh Loughran
10th Enda McMahon
11th Aine Savage
12th Art McCooey
13th Noel McCann
14th Bernie McCann
15th Caroline Simpson
16th Rosa Leonard
17th Caitlin Doyle
18th Aoife Armstrong
19th Ella Gorman
20th Oisin Devlin
21st JoeGorman
22nd Anton Savage
23rd Tiernan McMullan
24th Emma O’Hare
25th Joe Fields
26th Caitlin Doyle
27th Eva Gallogly
28th Dathai Loughran
29th Christopher Nugent
30th Roisin Doyle
31st Lucy Crozier
32nd Leo Boyce
33rd Katie Rose McCooey
34th Carla Kiirwan
35th Mallaidh Loughran
36th Mallaidh Loughran
37th Karen Savage

Nobody left empty handed, and after the raffle all pupils were given a packet of smarties. It is hoped that the empty packets will be used for each child to participate in the 20p challenge.


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