PDMU Road Safety Talk to P3, P4 & P5Pupils

Posted on: February 27th, 2020 by Mr J White in Information for Parents
As part of our PDMU work in p3/4/5 we had a special visitor to our class. His name is Andrew and he talked to us about Road Safety, about being seen and being safe. We learned such a lot from Andrew.
Andrew  was very impressed with our prior knowledge. He was especially pleased with the response that he got from Clodagh in Primary 3 as she was able to explain to the class what the significance is  of the grey line on the lollipop ladies stick.
Andrew asks that same question in every school that he visits and in the whole five years that he has been visiting schools he has only heard a correct response to that question twice before!!  So, well done Clodagh.
At the end of his visit, Andrew left us some items. He left  a high viz vest and a wrist band and stickers for each child. Here we are modelling our new accessories. We thoroughly enjoyed the talk today.
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