P6 & P7 – Returning to School

Posted on: August 20th, 2020 by Mr J White in Information for Parents

P6-P7 classroom is ready for a new start on Monday. In accordance with the latest DENI guidance we have created a self- contained bubble for the 21 pupils in the class. Desks are forward facing with all floor space cleared to allow maximum distancing. Each table has its own copy of Literacy and Numeracy books, calculators, colouring pencils, whiteboards, scissors and glue sticks. School is providing this start up pack but pupils will be expected to replace pencils, glue etc as needed. Pupils at Table 1 will not be using any book another child has been using. These books will be kept in the shelf under each table. No school bags will be coming into school, lunches in a disposable bag and disposable water bottles only.


P6+P7 will start at 9am and have an earlier break and dinner time from the rest of the school and go home at 2:45. Any brothers/sisters in other classes will come in at the same time as the P6/7 pupil and the P6/7 pupil will remain in school to 3pm to wait for their sibling and leave together

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