? P3 & P4 Celebrate World Apple Day – October 2016

Posted on: October 24th, 2016 by Mr J White in Information for Parents

The 21st October is World Apple Day. So on Thursday 20th October P3/4 made a trip to The Palace Stables to discover why Armagh is known as” The Orchard County”. To start off, Pascal demonstrated how to make Annie Apple and Andy Apple during an Art And Craft lesson. Next the boys and girls stepped back in time to 1786 and into Mr Armstrong, the cook`s kitchen. He explained how to greet people correctly back in 1786-that is, you offer your reverence with a curtsy if you are a girl or a bow if you are a boy. Mr. Armstrong cooked apple potato bread for us on his metal ,wood-fired range with the help of P3/4. He also explained about children`s jobs on offer at The Palace Stables during Archbishop Robinson`s time e.g. potboy, stable boy, scullery maid etc.
Arthur, the butler wore old-fashioned clothes from over 200 years ago. He had breeches and a waistcoat and he wore his hair in a long, grey pony tail. He showed us how to make apple juice using an old apple press.
Finally, Paul explained how an apple chances over a one year cycle- Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We learned about apple products and acted out a scene called “The Journey Of An Apple ”i.e. from tree , to factory, to shop, then on to the table as apple juice.
P3/4 really enjoyed learning about Armagh apples and life in the past during this fun, practical and entertaining visit to the Education officers at Armagh Palace Stables.


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