✝ Rota for ‘Do this in Memory’ Masses for P4 Pupils

Posted on: October 28th, 2016 by Mr J White in Information for Parents

Dear Parents of P4 pupils
Here is the rota for the Prayers of the Faithful and distribution of candles for our “Do This In Memory” Masses in Clady.
Prayers Of The Faithful

1st_Parents of Cliodhna Savage(completed)
2nd_Parent of Ivah Toner
3rd_Parents of Noel McCann
4th_Parents of Shanna Kirwan
5th_Parents of Conor Ferris
6th_Parents of Amy Crozier
7th_Parents of Peter Donnelly
8th_Parents of Michael Vallely
9th_Parents of Katie Murphy
Distribution Of Candles

1st_Parents of Conor Ferris(completed)
2nd_Parents of Cliodhna Savage
3rd_Parent of Ivah Toner
4th_Parents of Noel McCann
5th_ Parents of Shanna Kirwan
6th_Parents of Peter Donnelly
7th_Parents of Michael Vallely
8th_Parents of Katie Murphy
9th_Parents of Amy Crozier

The dates of the next two “Do This In Memory” Masses are 6th November and 4th December @ 11a.m. in St.Michael`s Church Clady.
Father Greg will keep us up to date following these dates.
Thank You for your co-operation
John White(Principal)

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