? Trip to Armagh Planetarium

Posted on: May 30th, 2018 by Mr J White in Information for Parents

FMiss Toner’s Class Trip to Armagh Planetarium: P3, 4 and 5 combined an excellent day out of school alongside the extension of their knowledge of The World Around Us on Tuesday 22nd May. We arrived at Armagh Planetarium around 11:30 a.m . and had our lunch in the cafe before our tour began. Soon Ria, our guide, asked us to follow her up to the Digital Theatre. We were taken on a virtual reality tour of our Solar System where we learned so much about the planets and also the Star Constellations of the night sky. We learned all about space missions and astronauts who travelled to the moon and back. Ria gave us a quiz and we answered all 5 questions correctly, so as a reward Ria gave us an extra 3D space roller coaster trip which was so exciting. We went back down to the workshop where we made our own rockets from plastic bottles and bits and pieces. Ria allowed us to launch our rockets into the sky from the bank outside-we used a power hose to blast off. It was such fun watching to see whose rocket would travel farthest. We all really enjoyed our trip to Armagh Planetarium.


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