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Dear parents

On Tuesday, Minister Webb, announced a full return to school for all pupils P1-P7 on Monday 22nd March. We welcome back all our pupils and the emphasis will be to build their self-esteem, address any anxieties and promote well-being. We will celebrate Easter together as a school community.

We will return to the safety protocols which we had in place pre Christmas. Staggered opening times with Mr White’s class entering school from 9:45 for a 9am start. Classes will end at 2:45 for these pupils. P1-P5 will operate as normal.

Upon arriving at school, pupils will have their temperature taken, wash their hands and sanitise before entering the classroom. Dinner/lunch will be eaten in classrooms. Again, can we remind everyone that the school has a strict ban on all nuts products.

If any child is demonstrating symptoms of Covid they should not attend school and go for a test. If a family member is displaying symptoms and is planning a test, the child should not enter school until the family member has a negative result. A positive result in any household is an immediate 10 dayquarantine.

We ask all parents to respect social distancing when dropping off children and lifting again at home time. Together we will work to keep our pupils safe and provide the best education possible.

Thank You

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